Daniel Stephen Jaramillo
Feel free to contact me with questions about any of these games.

Score Example
Velutinous is a puzzle game that started off as a Global Game Jam entry.  Over the course of approximately 6 months, the game was refined and tested to become my Master's Project.
The game is planned to be divided into 3 modes.  Survival mode, demoed in the video, is a Bejeweled Blitz style race against the clock to score as many points as possible.   The player is tasked with lining up columns of the same color by swapping tiles.  After they create a column, the tiles vanish and new ones appear in their place.  When this happens the game mechanic shifts into only being able to slide rows of tiles to create new columns.  If the player does this successfully, they are able to score more points through a point multiplier that stacks up to 5X.
The player is given a default 45 seconds to work with, and every successful clear gives them points and 5 more seconds, up to a maximum of 60 seconds.  After 45 seconds have run out, indicated by the yellow bar on the side of the tiles, the game goes into Overtime, where the remaining time runs out 4 times as quickly and the player can earn even more points.  The game ends when the game runs out.
The other 2 modes plan to be "Normal" mode, in which the player is not on a time limit, and "Adventure" mode, which brings a puzzle-fusion method of gameplay, similar to Puzzle Quest.
The game was developed in C# and XNA for Windows Phone 7.
For this game, I was the Lead Programmer, Project Manager for the Global Game Jam team, and Gameplay Designer.  I also created all sound effects which can be heard in the video.
I hope to release this game as a free release on Windows Phone 7 in the near future.
If you would like more information on the art used, I can refer you to the artist with their permission.

Morph is a reactionary type of game where the player must match their shape and rotation with the one of the wall coming at them.  By pressing A,S,D,F, or G, the player can morph their shape and with Space Bar, they can rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
The game has 3 difficulty modes, Easy, Medium and Hard, that are selected at the beginning of the game with 1,2 , or 3.  The game begins by pressing Enter.  Each difficulty mode adds a new shape to remember, starting at 3 shapes for Easy.  Also, since the walls move faster in harder difficulties, morph and rotation speed are increased to compensate.
Each difficulty has it's own soundtrack and music was selected based on the perceived difficulty of each mode.  For example, Easy mode has a more relaxed song, Medium has a song that starts off relaxed and becomes more upbeat, and Hard has a fast, driving track with a short break in the middle.
The modes also react to the music. Easy stays at 1 speed to give the player time to learn how to play, Medium starts off slightly faster than Easy, but later picks up speed when the song also speeds up.  Hard mode has a fast track, uses all 5 shapes, and gets even faster towards the end when the song also speeds up.
The player wins by clearing the mode with any lives remaining and loses when all lives are lost.  The player gets 3 chances to miss per mode and a miss is considered not being in the right shape or rotation when the wall reaches the shapes.
For this game I was the Lead Programmer, Project Manager and Designer with 2 other programmers.  I was also the Gameplay Designer and Programmer.  The game took approximately 1 month to develop and test and was frequently used as an example in the class I instructed on how to create a game in Alice and discuss game design.

Avoid the red blocks!
Streamline is an avoidance type of game (think of Audiosurf on Ninja Mode) where the player must make it through an automatically side-scrolling obstacle course without hitting any oncoming blocks to score as many points as possible.  The player uses only up and down to move between rails and loses points for hitting blocks.
This game was an attempt to make a short, bite-size game with replay value and was a single-programmer project.  It took approximately 2 weeks to develop and was also used in the Alice class.

Smaller, Personal Projects
StepMania Network
A project idea that I came up with a while back describing what I want to see from my favorite video game, Dance Dance Revolution.  I still would like to pursue this project in my free time.  This project pretty much boils down to a StepMania mod that allows more social features and attempts to update the game design to something more modern.  The 2nd post on the linked page describes my motivation and design.  The first post has some more information, but I did not use it as my Master's Project, as I felt it was pretty ambitious for only one person.